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Dzisiaj zapraszam Was na garść pomysłów świątecznych, to już czas na ozdabianie domu, wysyłanie kartek świątecznych, poszukiwanie przepisów i niedługo - pakowanie prezentów.

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Na stronie architecturendesign 35 pomysłów na kreatywne ozdobienie domu, świeczki, bombki, ozdoby choinkowe - wykonanie nietrudne, a efekt śliczny.

Coconut oil and peppermint extract create a sweet-smelling sugar scrub that makes a perfect stocking stuffer. 
Get the tutorial at Love Grows Wild. 
 These creamy cleansers aren't just beautiful, they also pamper your skin: Marigold soothes, honey moisturizes, and oatmeal gently exfoliates. A pound of melt-and-pour Castile base ($4.46; yields about six 3-ounce soaps. After drying your marigolds (see "How to Preserve Flowers and Herbs," previous page), follow these steps:
Step 1: In a large pot, melt the soap base according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, in a small, microwave-safe bowl, microwave three tablespoons honey for 15 seconds on low, until the honey is slightly runny. Stir into the melted soap base.
Step 2: Add five tablespoons dried marigold petals, four tablespoons coarse oatmeal, and 10 drops mandarin essential oil ($2.36 for 1/2 oz.; Stir to combine, then remove from heat.
Step 3: Grease a six-cavity metal tartlet tin with sweet almond oil (for similar tin, Bakers Select, $14.37; Oil, $4.81 for 16 oz.; Evenly divide the soap mixture among the cavities, then gently tap the tin against your work surface to release any air bubbles. Let the soaps set at room temperature for four hours; carefully run a knife around the edges to release.
 For this clever project, CL contributing editor Cathe Holden's already done most of the hard work—assembling a slew of vintage images (courtesy of The Graphics Fairy) into four easy-to-print PDFs: 1, 2, 3, 4. Print out two copies of each PDF onto 8 1/2" x 11" card stock. With a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of each card-stock printout before adhering it to colored mat board ($3.50 for 20" x 32" board; 
 Let dry for two hours, then top with an additional coat of Mod Podge (test your printer ink to ensure it doesn't smudge before applying glue). Allow another hour drying time. To keep game pieces from sticking together when stacked, lightly wipe both sides of the board with baby powder and a cloth. Finally, cut out the game pieces with an ­X-Acto knife, then stash them in a cute catchall, like this toy truck.
Witryna countryliving propoponuje galerię z 51 pomysłami na prezenty, te ręcznie robione i nie tylko. Miętowy scrub, ogrzewacze do rąk, świeczki, mydełka.

Count down the days until Christmas with little paper envelopes, sized to hold all sorts of surprises: candy, tickets, tiny toys. Use rubber stamps to ink the dates, and other motifs, on the envelopes. You can also embellish them by adding tags, string, washi tape, and clip art. Then, simply pin the envelopes on a pretty corkboard. (Envelopes, $2.99 for 25; 2½"W x 4"L; for stores. Number stamp set, $29.95 for 10; vintage letterpress stamp set, $14.95 for 20; Snowflake stamp set, $6.59 for three; for stores)
 Wrapping-paper, paper-towel, and mailing tubes have never looked so fine. To upcycle yours into something front-door-worthy, use an X-Acto knife to cut each tube into two-inch slices. Then, lay a bowl (ours measured six inches across) rim down on a flat surface and arrange the cardboard slices around the bowl, using this photo as a guide. Hot-glue the slices where their sides meet. If you like, perch jingle bells inside.
 The stems of tomato pincushions make for easy hanging.
Tutaj z kolei countryliving przedstawia pomysły na ozdabianie domu.

Forget the fireplace           —   this blogger hung her stockings along her stairs, and highlighted the collection with thick garland and twinkle lights.
See more at On Sutton Place » 
 For luminarias, cut red paper bags in half with decorative scissors, and trim the tops of white or brown bags. 
 Assist stockings with the annual gift-dispensing duties by transforming mittens into hanging holders for tiny treats — simply stitch on a loop of ribbon.
 A miniature display of Santa Claus and his reindeer looks especially fun on some fake snow. 
See more at Savvy Southern Style »
Goodhousekeeping prezentuje świąteczne ozdoby, które można zrobić ręcznie.

Dzięki mashable może nam do głowy wpaść kilka pomysłów na zapakowanie prezentów tak, aby szkoda ich było otwierać.

Or a scarf.Use newspaper as wrapping paper. Reuse paper bags from the grocery store.
Buzzfeed pokazuje pakowanie prezentów dla leniwców :)

Ivory Burlap Heart Gift Bag with Chiffon Flower and Ribbon 
Hongkiat w przeciwieństwie do poprzednika pokazuje kreatywne pakowanie prezentów.

These stylish ribbon tree cards. These torn paper tree cards. These charming torn-paper Santas.
Tym razem już nie do końca dla leniwców Buzzfeed proponuje 23 pomysły na ręcznie robione kartki świąteczne.

Jak u Was wygląda okres przedświąteczny? Biegacie po sklepach za 'gotowcami' czy jednak siadacie i tworzycie sami? Piszcie!


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